Airport To Airport Service All Over The World: Quickest Method Of Sending Goods In Bulk.

Why should I choose this service?

Collect from airport: Drop off to the nearest airport to you and collect the parcel also from nearest airport. This allows the method to become cost effective as no delivery is required door to door. This is the ideal bulk forwarding services for businesses. The benefit of this it is really quick service as your can receive you parcel in 1-3 working days. We also have air cargo and sea cargo service, which can be quick and cost effective respectively.

Ideal for moving into another country: Collection is generally ideal for individuals who are moving to another country. To move to another country this service is considered the cheapest and therefore the most cost effective. Receive your packages within 1-3 working days, it can be is ideal for heavy duty items and for people who are moving to another country. This is also suitable service for business. Ideal bulk courier services for business and individuals.

Fast paced delivery: Assuming if your intentions are your parcel to be delivered quicker. For instance if you are moving over to a new country, it would be more quicker to move your essentials. Ideally it takes 1-3 working days for your goods to be delivered, this is a cost effective method and a quick service as well. For businesses it is ideal because this service is designed for bulk freight forwarding. Smile Cargo specialises in bulk courier services.

Airport to Airport

Why Use Airport To Airport

  • Ideal service for businesses as expand your business across the world.
  • Send in bulk quantity saving in costs and ideal for companies with high inventory levels.
  • Receive the item in 1-3 working days. So efficient for businesses and consumers if their goods are needed urgently for whatever reason. 
  • For people moving abroad its more affordable to use airport to airport compared to asking flights to take it with them. Therefore using airport to airport would allow people to relocate without any expensive costs.
  • If goods are needed urgently this is the fastest way of receive goods.
  • Track your parcel for comfortability and know the whereabouts of your goods. 

FAQ's about airport to airport service

There are flights going to all countries but the requirement is that a minimum of 100kg is sent. This service is only available for heavy loaded flights. Alternatively you could send parcel through our air cargo and sea cargo if below 100kg.

It takes 1-3 working days to be delivered. Once the parcel has arrived, we will inform you when to collect it. 

Usually available the next day but because of Covid 19 limited flights are going.

You can send chocolate and other savouries items through this service. However if the item get melted or the chocolate get slightly damaged, it is not will our responsibility so it will be on your own merit.

Makeup can be sent but for a certain limit. If we observe that the make sent is for commercial/business use Then our price will vary and this would be charged as commercial item. This is done to avoid customs holding your parcel because it was not declared. 

While perfume is completely not allowed because it is flammable. Any flammable item is not allowed because it can cause fire in the plane or ship. This is something our company takes very seriously. Additionally customs have the right to stop any flammable items going through. Therefore not worth risking your item being thrown.

This guide by Health and Safety Executive explains in detail which flammable items are classified as dangerous. In additions explains the implications of them.

This service id mainly designed to send goods in bulk.

However its essential to remember you will need to pay the customs on the airport depending on the invoice value.

Moreover no delivery is provided so will need to collect it. 

Make sure you bring your ID such as passport and your waybill.