UK Parcel Delivery Service

How we are becoming the easiest way of sending parcel in the UK?

We Guarantee The Quickest And Cheapest UK Parcel Delivery Service In The UK And In Europe

• Prices starting from £1.99, which is the lowest in the market at the moment. Once we develop a relationship with our customers. We will further reduce for loyal the prices for loyal customers who use our UK parcel service. In addition it is really easy to open up a business account and enjoy the best rates in the market.

• Smile Cargo aims to offer the cheapest rates in the for UK parcel for all our customers. There are many companies that take your parcel but not promise on delivery and quality. Smile Cargo ensures to always provide the best service for customer. Also collect door to door parcel to make life easier for customers.

• Compare amongst the best courier services UK based in the market. Smile Cargo will always offer impartial advice and the best rates. Book now and get the best prices for courier service in the UK.

Send Parcels All Over The World With Over 175 Countries To Chose From

• Fill out our form on the home page in order to enquire for the best rates around the world. Smile Cargo specialises in sending parcel to Pakistan, India, USA and many more countries. Not many businesses, eBay and Amazon sellers have great access to distribution in Asia. Therefore take advantage of Smile Cargo and expand your business abroad.

• In addition send parcel abroad with a range of delivery times. If needed to be delivered quickly we can deliver the next day. If the parcel doesn’t need to be sent urgently then we can also send the parcel in seven working days. All UK parcel are handled by professional courier services.

• Track the parcel with all parcels and follow the delivery status of the parcel. After the invoice has been dispatched, an invoice number will also be given in order to track the parcel. 

We Will Collect Your Parcel From Home Or Business Premises For Free

• Free collection for individuals and businesses. Smile Cargo understands the hard work that goes behind the scenes. Therefore to reduce the stress of going to your local Post Office. Instead call Smile Cargo for free pick up and a stress free experience.

• Designed specifically for businesses, Amazon and eBay online sellers. Through research that we conducted, it was found that sellers would like a UK parcel service that would understand their business and reduce their stress. Smile Cargo allows making selling and delivering UK parcel easier.

• It can get really annoying going to your local Post Office and wasting valuable time. Hence instead Smile Cargo will also collect your parcels to make selling and distribution easier for you. Any UK parcel will be delivered contact free during this Covid period. Visit the home page to see the advantages of using Smile Cargo.

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Why Choose Smile Cargo For UK Parcel?

Save time: Save a lot of time by going through us instead of any one else. Majority of sellers will have to go through the Post Office and wait in the queue for a very long time. This will waste a lot of your valuable time. Hence it is better for a UK parcel delivery service like Smile Cargo, to collect the parcel on regular basis. While using a safe courier service.  

This method is also safer as compared to going outside. This reduces interactions with other people and also makes it very easy to deliver to customers.

Save costs: For businesses, eBay and Amazon sellers the best way of saving cost is our subscription fee method of sending parcels. The more parcels that will be sent the more costs will be saved. Therefore saving costs and getting the delivery collected from your premises. But free £20.00 insurance is provided if anything does happen because of our courier services. Also can get more insurance on UK parcels.

Contact us for more information and enquiries to receive the best solution for you.

Track the parcel: Track the parcel from the comfort of your home. This makes UK parcel delivery service more easier and makes the customer feel more comfortable knowing where the parcel is and how long it will take to deliver. Additionally, Smile Cargo will keep you updated regularly with your parcel and if there is any issues that will need to be resolved. We consistently keep in contact with our courier services for UK parcel

You can either using the tracking number provided on our home page or track it from our tracking page.


7+ Reasons For Using Smile Cargo For UK Parcel Delivery

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Smile Cargo promises to be the cheapest delivery service in the UK. Furthermore not only does Smile Cargo wants to be the cheapest courier service. But also the quickest UK parcel delivery service in the UK.  Smile Cargo works with top courier companies who ensure the parcel is delivered efficiently, safely and quickly.  Who will ensure all our cargo, parcels, electronics or any other goods are delivered safely and on time. This is also useful for offices and online sellers. On request next day service also available for all countries. So receive the parcel in between 1-7 working days according to your needs. Use the cheapest courier service for your needs.

The following reasons below will describe why choosing us is a better options than anyone else for UK parcel:

  • Secure shipping service with tracking facility.
  • Book same day and next day services available.
  • 24/7 Customer service team helping you with all your queries.
  • Door to door delivery.
  • Free phone consultation.
  • Insurance protected.
  • We pay all duty and custom charges. It is included in our price so no hidden charges.
  • Delivered to all over the UK for the same price.
  • Make sure all UK parcel are handled with care by courier services.
  • Free insurance of £20.00.

Cheap UK Parcel Service - Receive Parcel In A Day


Most illegal items are not allowed. Sending parcels that are highly flammable are also prohibited. Please look at Universal Postal Union - full prohibitions and restrictions list. 

Smile Cargo promises to deliver cheap courier service all over the UK starting from £1.99 per kilo. Not only that to make customers comfortable with their parcel delivery in the UK. Tracking is also available for all customers and 24 hours customer service helpline. Furthermore, your parcel is protected for the first £50.00 from us.

So book now to send cheap parcel to Guernsey, Northern Ireland, Channel Island, Jersey, Isle of Man and Isle of Man.